September 2021

Your rights have limits

You are allowed your own thoughts and beliefs and behaviors, but not if it kills me.

Your rights have always been limited. There has always been a struggle between personal rights and the good of everyone else around you. We, the people, allow you to go against the grain, to be a rebel, to choose bizarre and daring ways of living, but only to a point.

It must go both ways. If going your own way hurts others, then we can hurt back, meaning, we can limit your behavior through many ways, including incarceration.

Your choices have limits. Your choices have consequences. You live in a world that shares so much.

Push the boundaries if you must, but don’t be surprised when someone pushes back.

It’s always up to you

It’s hard to believe but you have complete control over your life.

You can stay the course or you can make a drastic life changing decision in the blink of an eye.

Sure, we like to say that we are stuck in this daily grind, that our choices are limited by our circumstances. And yes, we have responsibilities and there are people depending on us. Oh, and we can say that life is complicated and it’s too scary to move into the unknown.

All valid reasons to stay put in your safe place, our comfort zone. We have our reasons and they are used by the best of us.

But in the final analysis, in a moment of clarity, in the quiet reflection of your choices taken, you know these are just excuses.

What are you afraid of? Fear is powerful and it comes in many forms. That step into the dark has the potential to bring great rewards.